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"If authenticity is the measure of an artist, then Alan Lacovetsky is a master. Whether he’s surrendering to the rhythm of his treadle wheel or dedicating 60 hours to firing his massive wood fired kiln, he clearly becomes one with the elements that he forms into exquisite works of art. There is an ancient ageless quality to Alan’s work that seduces you unequivocally. Alan Lacovetsky is a walking story of clay."


Heather Bishop

Making pottery for nearly forty years has taken Alan to some interesting places. He has exhibited in Canada, U.S.A., Australia, France, Japan,China, Korea,Thailand and Cambodia. Alan received numerous awards and grants and has work in many public and private collections around the world. He has taught at the University of Manitoba School of Art, Brandon University and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. He is currently an exhibiting member of The Stoneware Gallery in Winnipeg. The studio is situated just east of Oak Hammock Marsh where visitors can experience how traditional pots have been made for thousands of years. He uses an old style foot powered wheel to make most of the pots which are mainly fired outdoors in a wood burning kiln. There is a wide range of pieces to choose from both large and small. Cups, bowls, plates, teapots and jars are all made to enjoy everyday.


© 2017 Alan Lacovetsky

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